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Any and all changes to the exterior of any property requires an approved ARB form prior to the start of any repairs ( roofs, paint, landscaping etc.) the form is available via the link on the left of this page and must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Board at prior to the beginning of any work!
--------STAY UP TO DATE-------

Notice the new message board at the entrance? Please take time to check it out as you enter the neighborhood as it will have announcements, future meeting dates, and events of interest to everyone
--------BOAT RAMP UPGRADES-------

A special thanks to Chris Townsend for leading the effort to upgrade both community docks. Both docks are being upgraded with laminate decking that will require very little maintenance and an extended life cycle. The Lake Olympia dock is complete and Starke Lake is in the finishing stages.

We would like to offer a sincere thank you to Vel Koren and the social committee for there tireless efforts to organize successful events for all of us Vel has chaired this committee for a good while and sadly shes stepping down. Are you known for your ability to organize parties and events your neighborhood is calling. If interested in this rewarding challenge email the Board of Directors at
Approved Roof Shingles